HealthNexus API Streams

API integrated RWE analytics that augment a client’s internal data sets and analytics capabilities with PurpleLab’s proprietary claims scoring, forecasting, ranking, and segmentation APIs.

Patient, Provider, and Payer Subscription-Based Pre-Built Data Feeds Include:

  • Provider Profiles
  • Provider Locations
  • Provider Migrations
  • Provider Credentials
  • Provider Qualifications
  • Provider Experience
  • Provider Practice Characteristics
  • Provider Affiliations
  • Industry Influence
  • Payer Influence
  • Provider Performance Scores
  • Provider Efficiency
  • Patient Risk Adjustment Factor
  • Patient SDOH

Access - Measure & Score - Integrate

Visualize Experience
Provider Experience measured using claim counts and treated patients by diagnoses, procedures and medications. PurpleLab produces a proprietary Star-Type scoring metric that incorporates both the trend indicator and the overall volume of the providers claim’s counts.

Novel API Streams
PurpleLab has developed a series of industry first API-based reports that are all quantitative, objective, and predictive – each integrating into a client’s existing database.

Stream Efficiency into Your Business

Effectiveness Scores
Risk-adjusted quality scores (e.g., mortality, complications, days in acute care) for HCPs, Groups, and HCOs

Payer Influence
Provider-level reports showing distributions of claims and patients across channels, subchannels, payers, and MCO issuers.

Adoption of Innovation
Provider-level scores showing rates of adoption of preferred procedure, medication, or treatment.

Activity Scores
Provider-level reports showing activity. Counts and distributions of Dx and Px codes surfaced up in nested ontologies.

Efficiency Scores
Risk-adjusted cost scores (e.g., mortality, complications, days in acute care) for HCPs, Groups, and HCOs

Industry Influence
Provider-level aggregations of Open Payments data tracking payments from life science manufacturers to HCPs and HCOs

All their data comes linked and that is HUGE. A lot of companies struggle with that but this is PurpleLab’s area of expertise.”
Chief Commercial Officer
Top 50 Pharma

One platform. Endless ways to stream efficiency into your business.

Provider Profile Streams API deliver objective, quantitative, meaningful and predictive performance measures for HCP’s, Groups, HCO’s, and Health Systems. Optimize your network with on-demand access to PurpleLabs exhaustive fleet of report retrievers, intelligent scorecards, and data visualization tools.