Accelerate & Optimize Clinical Trial Processes

Enhance and optimize your clinical trial starting with patient eligibility, stratification by social determinants of health SDOH and multiple patient variables. With HealthNexus you can control for comorbid conditions and select the optimal investigators and sites for your study.

Start with a finely tuned patient cohort

Find the optimal patients for your study. Avoid the delayed discovery of underlying conditions, such as disease progression and other clinical factors that might render a patient ineligible for your trial. Develop a precise characterization of patient populations based on diagnosis (Dx), procedures (Px), prescriptions (Rx) and social determinants of health (SDOH). Iterate in real time based on varied criteria most likely to impact patient outcomes.

Evaluate protocol assessment

Bring your protocol assessment to the next level by understanding health disparities in the incidence, prevalence, mortality and burden of disease, as well as predictability of outcomes using Patient Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) and Hierarchical Conditions Categories (HCC).

Understand site feasibility and selection

Take action based on precise identification of investigators and sites that treat the patient population for your therapeutic area. Reporting is based on Dx, Px and Rx, enabling measurement of any “variability” of provider performance including risk-adjusted cost, quality scores (efficiency and effectiveness), — all to ensure the safest possible patient recruitment process.

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One Platform. Endless possibilities to optimize clinical trial management.

Accelerate the introduction of more innovative therapies to market.