Why Not The Best? How About The Worst? In Measuring Preventable Mortality Among 19 Industrialized Nations, U.S. Ranks “Dead Last”!

In a study by The Commonwealth Fund, The United States ranked last among 19 industrialized nations on “preventable mortality” which were defined as “mortality amenable to health care—deaths that might have been prevented with timely and effective care”. Although the U.S. rate improved by 4 percent between 1997–1998 and 2002–2003 (from 115 to 110 deaths per […]

Complications account for nearly 10 percent of inpatient hospital costs

Potentially Preventable Complications (PPC) identify potentially preventable harmful events or negative outcomes originating during inpatient care that result from the processes of care and treatment rather than from the natural progression of underlying disease. PPCs containing 64 mutually exclusive types of inpatient complications that are identified from 1,450 ICD-9 secondary diagnosis codes – not present […]

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