For Better Healthcare Sales Targeting, Follow the Stars

HCP segmentation can be a powerful tool for life sciences companies to target their best sales prospects—but historical data will only get you so far. Data that only looks back can be misleading, and a point-in-time snapshot can make it impossible to tell the difference between HCPs whose volumes are trending down and those who are trending up. To really understand how to best invest your efforts, you need a way to look at physicians’ overall trends in volume and forecasting from a longitudinal perspective. 

PurpleLab designed our proprietary Star Summary Report with this exact need in mind. This report assigns a Star Type to each HCP in our exhaustive database, based on where their volumes are going, not where they’ve been—so you can easily identify the Rising, Rock and Shining Stars you should target to grow your brand. It also lets you deep-dive into physicians to better understand their practices, affiliations and how to reach them.

Find out how you can make the most of your sales investments. Watch this 3-minute recorded demo of the PurpleLab Star Summary Report.


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