What Can PurpleLab’s Access in Minutes, Insights Instantly Do for You?

What is PurpleLab, anyway? How does our platform work? And what makes us different? 

ICYMI, check out this replay of our live demo (timestamped for easy navigation!) for answers to these and other questions about PurpleLab from Shannon LaRusso, our Senior Vice President of Product Management & Sales Enablement. Find out how you can use our platform for Market Sizing, Mx & Rx Patient Data, Site/Investigator Selection, Commercial Strategy & Planning with reports and HCP/HCO Search—as well as SDOH with the Reject, Reverse and Dispense report.

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PurpleLab Information

1:00 – PurpleLab Background

3:52 – PurpleLab’s Data

5:02 – PurpleLab Business Model

5:30 – PurpleLab Market Segments

Live Demo

7:45 – Cohort Report – Market sizing, feasibility & studying underlying medical pharmacy claims data

11:35 – Experience Report – Site selection, feasibility, market sizing, planning, sales force sizing & competitive strategy

13:49 – Our Proprietary Star Summary – See physicians’ overall trend in volume & forecasting so you know who is growing/building and for precise targeting

16:45 – Provider Search – Research physicians and facilities on a granular level

20:21 – Reject, Reverse, Dispense Report – Social Determinants of Health – Dive into social inequity of care

23:38 – Q&A

Watch the full demo recording here: PurpleLab Live Demo Recording