Ratios Report Retriever

NOW AVAILABLE! The Ratios Report Retriever is intended to allow Users to benchmark each HCP, HCO Group Practice and or HCO Facility and provide peer-to-peer rates of adoption of use of innovative new medical technologies and/or surgical techniques.  A comon rule of thumb in healthcare is that it takes 15 years or more for innovations to fully diffuse into the marketplace and become the new standard for care. The Ratios Report Retriever identifies “adopters” and “laggards”. Experience is one thing.  Do providers have the “right” experience?  Outcomes are another thing.  The patient may not have had a complication but did they need to be subjected to an open procedure with more pain and a longer recovery time when laproscopic approaches were available?  Ratios are based on a longitudinal analysis of each provider’s volumes of a preferred “numerator” approach over the denominator” event. Again, users have control of what performance metrics they want to measure.  Pick any numerator (such as laproscopic abdominal hysterectomy procedures and subsequently pick (or build) a relevant denominator code group (such as all hysterectomy procedures).  Provider’s ratios will range from 0.00 to 1.00….where zero means no adoption (laggards)  and where 1.0 equals complete adoption of the preferred innovative technology or technique.