Just as providers are expected to be evaluated and reimbursed based on the value they offer, we believe that PurpleLab should be held to the same standards.We are industry veterans who are tired of the old ways information providers sell into the healthcare industry. So we created our offerings and our Agile Provider Profiling Platform™ to disrupt the status quo.

We want you to objectively compare us to our peers and we believe that you will find the following:

  • We are easy and accessible: We offer cloud-based provider profiling at a user’s fingertips. Users can get access to as little or as much data as they need in minutes.
  • We offer subscription-based access: Why license a point-in-time, static answer to your business question when business needs and questions continuously change? Instead, we provide continuous, on-demand access, so users can answer the questions they have today as well as the new questions that arise tomorrow.
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  • We pre-built much of what user’s need: User’s business questions and needs follow well-defined workflows, queries and report templates.  So we pre-built 4 of the typical business questions and needs along with “best practices” into 4 project templates which we call Report Retrievers.  Along with the 4 Report Retrievers, we pre-built more than 2,000 “clinical groupers” or groups of conditions and procedures into “code groups”.  So, users can pick a project template — let’s say the Experience Report Retriever — that is pre-populated with “best practices” — then pick an off-the-shelf  “code group” — then run the analysis — then view or download a series of reports of each provider’s comparative Experiences, Outcomes, Appropriateness and Costs.

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  • We offer unlimited customization: In addition to providing pre-built, “best practices” starting points, we understand that each user sees the healthcare market differently and needs more than rigid syndicated products that do not match their view or unique business needs. For these reasons, we let users define their own “code groups” as well as create their own methodologies for how to execute each of the Report Retrievers. In other words, users can develop their own “best practices”.

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  • We offer the lowest latency to answers: Our unparalleled flexibility is delivered via a simple but powerful, wizard-driven, visual programming interface which provides non-programmer business users the ability to build complex projects and receive report results in minutes. We will give users answers in 60 minutes or less while our competition might take 6 weeks just to give users a proposal.

  • We offer agility: In addition to an answer to your question in 60 minutes or less, we understand that users make mistakes and also want to tweet how the Report Retrievers are executed based on the results.  Agile means you fail fast, iterate and move forward.  Users get initial answers back quickly, customize the input parameters and “curate” their project and “best practices” in an agile way.
  • We allow you to schedule your updates: When users finally perfect their “best practices” and project, they can schedule it to update itself.  On our platform, users do not need to ask their information provider for updates. Instead, user’s “curated” projects are stored and scheduled to re-run as the data changes.  As updates complete, users are notified by email that their updates results are complete and available for viewing and download.
  • We offer unprecedented longitudinal analysis: Why get just a static 12 month snapshot of a provider’s profile?  The purpose of analyzing the past is to predict the future.  Users cannot forecast using industry standard 12 month “snapshots” and instead require years of analysis to predict future results on a provider-by-provider basis.  We offer built-in, multi-year longitudinal analysis with trends, forecasts and projections.

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  • We synchronize query and report results to your files: Users can load their account-based or network-based provider files into the platform and we will run reports showing matched providers as well as newly discovered higher scoring providers that demonstrate increased opportunity or “lift”. We will also append in your territory or geographic identifiers.
  • We offer transparent, value-based pricing: We price on value and not to your “budget levels” or “signing limits”. We guarantee that you will never be at a conference and discover you overpaid for your provider profiling needs.

Agile Provider Profiling™ at your fingertips!