Our Team

Mark Brosso

Founder and CEO

With more than thirty years experience in Healthcare and Life Sciences, and founding multiple successful startups in the space, Mark Brosso is an industry expert in connecting claims data and analytics solutions to answer the questions brands and marketers face today.

Mike Hoey


30+ years of experience in the
Life Science and Technology
space. Founder and CEO of
Source Meridian, CTO ESPS /
Liquent, Founder IPSUM
Clinical Research.

Joe Dude

Interim CFO

25+ years of experience
leading rapid-growth and
start-up companies for
finance and HR.

Shannon LaRusso

PM and Marketing

25+ Years of experience in the
Life Science industry building
sales engineering, customer
success and products

Daniel Harmon

Medical Device

Career entrepreneur and relationship building with10+ years experience in Pharma, Life Science, and Healthcare
management roles.

Jackie Jordan

Director, Sales

20+ years of experience
networking, building and growing strong relationships across the top companies in the healthcare space.

Douglas Londono PhD

Director Biostatistics

20+ years of academic and industry experience. Douglas has developed statistical methodology which has been published in peer-reviewed journals and has been successfully applied in the discovery of novel disease-risk mutations in humans.

Ted Sweetser

Sales Success

Industry expertise in operations
targeted digital advertising,
scoping and executing new
commercial applications with life
science organizations

Travis Allred

Project Manager

Founder Food Atlas,
Co-Founder BrainSpa,
Co-Founder SpaHealth.

Meghan Francis

Manager, Customer Success

20+ Years of customer
support and relationship management servicing the life science industry.


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