Who We Are

PurpleLab is intentionally disrupting the status quo. We see healthcare data analytics projects that take weeks to fulfill as an “app” waiting to happen. We built a few apps that make healthcare data analytics better, faster and cheaper.

Access in Minutes. Instant Intelligence

Purple Squirrel

Is a term used by employment recruiters to describe job candidates with precisely the right education, experience, and qualifications that perfectly fit a job’s requirements. The implication is “perfect” candidates are as rare as real-life purple squirrels.


Is where research and development is performed as well as a nickname for a Labrador retriever which is the most often-used dog breed used for both assistance and for work dogs. Labs are intelligent, agile, obedient and friendly.

We have precisely the right experience and qualifications to be the perfect candidate for customers across the healthcare industry. We are experienced data scientists and software technologists offering unconditional support and loyalty. Throw us your problems…we will fetch the answers.

Executive Summary

PurpleLab has developed a cloud-based provider analytics platform. The Agile Provider Profiling Platform™ features on-demand, subscription-based access easy to use, yet highly customizable query and report templates all designed to profile and rank providers based on their quantitative performance metrics. Learn More about us by downloading the PDF  Click me


Leverage Health is a team of healthcare industry veterans — business development professionals, strategists, operators and technologists — who have joined forces to identify high-potential companies and accelerate their growth.  By providing business, market and corporate development services, Leverage Health builds relationships between innovative companies and their customers.

MedData Group provides a wide range of data solutions and demand generation programs for providers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare technology, professional services, medical education, publishers and others looking to engage with professional healthcare audiences. We offer a full range of highly flexible, cost-effective data solutions as well as demand/lead generation programs. Our database of over 1.8 million healthcare professional records including email, digital ID, clinical behavior (Dx/Px) and dozens of other data fields is constantly being verified, enriched and updated to fuel your interactive marketing campaigns. Our suite of innovative solutions will help you reach and engage the right HCP audiences through the right channels.