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Optimize Programmatic Campaigns with Precise Targeting

HealthNexus™ leverages RWD to generate healthcare provider and direct-to-consumer audiences, maximizing the reach and effectiveness of programmatic and omnichannel advertising campaigns.

Use Real World Data to Inform Audience Creation and Strategy

Healthcare clients rely on your marketing expertise to drive results for their programmatic campaigns. That starts with hyper targeting audiences. The advantage of using RWD cannot be underestimated. With precise clinical insights campaigns are more focused on brand eligible patients and the physicians treating them. The more relevant the audience the more cost effective the campaign.

  • Prebuilt Audiences: Choose from pre-built audiences based on conditions, medications, procedure, or tests
  • Custom Audience Generation: Same-day audience creation, discovery, and validation
  • Ingrained Compliance: Research and design audiences inside a HIPAA compliant environment

HCP Targeting Evolved

HealthNexus™ goes beyond conventional targeting methodologies. Our analytics reveal a physician’s preferred care pathways for a given condition enabling you to hone in on the most valuable targets for script lift.

Use highly iterative inclusion and exclusion criteria that includes Dx, Px and Rx, as well as volume of patients. 

  • Measure variability of provider performance with Risk-adjusted Cost and Quality Scores (Efficiency and Effectiveness) by location or geographical area. Understand how the HCP uses your brand in the treatment continuum.
  • Gain a clear view of the HCP affiliations with health care groups (HCG) or HCOs
  • With an understanding of key HCP and HCO performance indicators you can improve customer centric strategies and create or adjust messages to fully engage with up and coming or high performing HCPs and HCOs. Geo-specific insights ensure optimized media placement

Unique Life Science KPIs That Empower Measurement of Your in-house Programmatic Platform, or Pulling Reports From Healthnexus to See Real-world Impact

  • NRx – TRx Report: Identify new prescriptions, new patients’ total prescription, and total patients by NPI and geography
  • Switch Report: Prescription switch behavior between brands to demonstrate patient compliance/adherence and intervention need
  • Script Journey Report: Identify how many scripts result in a drug being dispensed fail because of pricing or payer mismatch

All of their data comes linked and that is HUGE. A lot of companies struggle with that but this is PurpleLab’s™ area of expertise.

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One platform. Endless possibilities to engage audiences.

Quality and precision leads means campaigns that perform and deliver measurable results faster and more cost effectively.

See How HealthNexus Works

HealthNexus™ data updates on an ongoing basis – not just once a year – and can easily integrate with your own RWD data. With complete, real-time insights at your fingertips, you can make better decisions for not only your clinical trial protocol but also the healthcare industry at large. See how by requesting a demo.