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HealthNexus™ is trailblazing healthcare analytics so you can navigate the healthcare system as it exists in the real world.

Clinical Data

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No code needed to create fully configured analytical reports that address your specific RWE needs without engaging scarce technical resources. True on or off the platform.


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Health Systems



Assess & size market populations

Find the optimal patients for your business objective. Avoid the delayed discovery of underlying conditions, such as disease progression and other clinical factors that might render patients ineligible for your study. With HealthNexus you can query a precise characterization of patient populations based on diagnosis (Dx), procedures (Px), prescriptions (Rx) and social determinants of health (SDOH). Iterate in real time based on varied criteria most likely to impact patient outcomes.

Optimize provider targeting & outreach

We dig deep so you don’t have to. Reporting features include granular and clinically specific reporting for market sizing, sales force sizing, physician targeting, pre-call planning and campaign measurement. Gain a deeper understanding of the level of experience and quality scores HCPs have associated with your ideal patient profile. 

Execute, measure & course-correct based on RWE analytics

HealthNexus™ Reports and Streaming APIs drive precise commercial and omnichannel marketing strategies for pharmaceutical clients. Leverage RWD to generate healthcare provider and direct-to-consumer audiences, maximizing the reach and effectiveness of campaigns.

Study the healthcare ecosystem as you’ve never thought possible.

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