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PurpleLab® is a healthtech company with a mission to make healthcare speak a single unified language to drive better outcomes. HealthNexus™, our no-code healthcare analytics platform, empowers life sciences, payers, providers and other stakeholders with real-world evidence to solve conventional and emerging challenges faster and more cost effectively.

One Platform. Billions of Data Points. Endless Possibilities.

No code needed to create fully configurable analytical reports that address your specific RWE needs without engaging scarce technical resources. What will you discover today?

Assess Markets

In today’s competitive landscape, you need commercial intelligence to build a sales strategy. See how you can identify, characterize, and quantify patient populations and market opportunities in minutes.

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Target Audiences

Prioritize outreach by precisely identifying the right healthcare practitioners (HCPs), group practices, and healthcare organizations (HCOs) to maximize your sales and marketing budget.

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Profile Targets

Gain a deep understanding of HCP and HCO profiles. Hone in on practice characteristics including diagnosis and prescription patterns, SDOH attributes, clinical performance, payer mix, referral relationships and more.

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Activate Campaigns

Precisely identify direct-to-consumer (DTC) and HCP audiences to successfully plan and activate omnichannel and/or programmatic campaigns.

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Measure Performance

See which HCPs, groups, and HCOs are adopting your innovation. Track your brand’s campaign performance, therapy adoption and gain insight on market share against competing brands.

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All of their data comes linked and that is HUGE. A lot of companies struggle with that but this is PurpleLab’s® area of expertise. Chief Commercial Officer, global network of life sciences and healthcare organizations
This industry is burnt on being over promised and under delivered when it comes to data so you get a lot of healthy skepticism. PurpleLab® actually has the data. Chief Commercial Officer, global network of life sciences and healthcare organizations
The selection process is partly about the data but [PurpleLab’s®] pre- and post-sales services made the difference. It came down to ease of working with them. Associate Director, US Commercial Data Strategy, Bristol Myers Squibb, American Multinational pharmaceutical company
The speed is the craziest part. I’ve seen first hand how long acquiring some of this data can take. PurpleLab® has taken what historically would require weeks or months and they’ve whittled it down to minutes. PurpleLab® Life Science Customer
We had a lot of face time with the data science folks so we could understand how to maximize the data and not just take the reports at face value. They helped me plan out my strategy. Director, Programmatic Sales and Business Development, privately held media company

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A path to better care outcomes requires a better way of accessing, understanding and acting on the dense volume of healthcare data available. Understanding comparative performance of various treatments for every condition is becoming easier through technologies such as de-identification via tokenization and is being further driven by legislative mandates such as the 21st Century Cures Act. In a world with increased access to RWD, the biggest challenge lies in the ability to readily interpret the data. PurpleLab® HealthNexus™  was designed to solve this problem.