Who Is PurpleLab ?

PurpleLab™ is a health-tech company driven by one clear philosophy: outcomes matter most. We help organizations drive decisive action based on precise insights from real-world data – with the ultimate goal of giving everyone a fighting chance at the best possible health outcome.

Our Mission

Breaking down industry silos and driving decisive and meaningful action across the healthcare ecosystem.

Our Story

Mark Brosso founded PurpleLab™ following his personal journey through the healthcare system. With a challenging road ahead, he persevered and immersed himself in the data and the science. His 25+ years of experience dealing with data combined with his passion for improving healthcare outcomes led to one major takeaway: Modern medicine needed more.

Patient outcomes matter most. With outcomes as the objective, you have to start from the beginning – with the right information flowing to the right users at the right time. All to make health risk understandable, meaningful and actionable.

Mark Brosso, CEO, PurpleLab™

Driving Real-World Change with RWE

Improving healthcare decisions is only possible with structurally and semantically harmonized real-world data – aggregated and contextualized for instant analytics and a heterogeneous view of patients, providers, payers and healthcare outcomes.

One System for the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

The PurpleLab™ self-service, no-code platform, HealthNexus™, enables healthcare clients to generate highly configurable RWD insights to solve old, new and emerging challenges faster, more cost-effectively and with greater confidence.

Our Values


Our team of data scientists and software technologists have the chops and domain expertise required to support the healthcare industry.


We’re not just a data vendor – we stand by your side as you plan and build on your business strategy and execution.


Our data is accurate, trustworthy, interoperable, connected, compliant and secure. To drive meaningful change, we don’t limit our system to our own definitions and sources.


We offer flexible reporting based on multiple criteria setting and delivery options across several industry use cases.


Working with PurpleLab™ is not transactional. Like the data we provide, we’re all about relationships – and guiding insights for critical decisions.

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Do you connect with our mission and values? Do you have chops for the healthcare industry or data and technology (or both)? Then you might be a great fit for our growing team. Explore our open opportunities today.

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