Trailblazing Healthcare Analytics

HealthNexus™ is driving innovation across the healthcare continuum. We’ve made our platform medically fluent to enable discovery of patient and provider populations with unparalleled accuracy. Get rapid real world data (RWD) insights you can trust, whenever you need them, and more economically. RWD insights can be delivered at any cadence, arming your team with the most accurate and relevant data so that you can do deep exploration in real-time. What will you discover today?

On-demand Analytics

Benefit from our billions of intelligently structured and harmonized real world data points, enabling deeper and more precise real-world insights and outcomes across patients, providers, and payers. Explore social determinants of health (SDOH) data at the patient and provider level, and the largest mortality data file.

Robust Reporting

Get results in minutes leveraging predefined query and report templates using leading reporting dimensions as reference files. Reports include locations, patients, providers, payers and suppliers, all at your fingertips that speed access to insights.

Flexibility & Scalability

An API-first approach to the platform ensures that you can integrate RWD with customer data through the HealthNexus API stream or explore the platform on your own through the easy-to-use user interface.

Integrity & Transparency

HealthNexus uses healthcare vocabulary master data management methodology, which ensures confidence that changes in results are due to changes in the claims transactions and not due to code sets changing from one query to the next.

Embedded Clinical Expertise

220,000+ pre-packaged clinically validated concept groups eliminate the need for coding so that you can focus on uncovering insights and driving strategy for your innovation.

Managed Compliance

PurpleLab maintains a fully de-identified, HIPAA-compliant, patient-level data warehouse. Patients and transactions are fully-linkable to other first party or third party data leveraging the Datavant De-ID solution.

Cost Efficiency

HealthNexus uses a no-code environment, which enables data analysts to do the work of SQL programmers. Additionally, the clinical informatics team at PurpleLab has created 200k on-the-shelf clinically relevant code sets.

User Friendly Platform

HealthNexus has a wide array of reports that solve real world use cases with easy-to-use, step-by-step processes ensuring all inclusion and exclusion criteria can be defined to get the level of specificity needed for your use case.

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