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HealthNexus is trailblazing innovation across the healthcare continuum. We’ve made our platform medically fluent so no information is left off the table. Get ongoing results you can trust, faster and more economically.


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On-demand Access & Robust Reporting

  • Benefit from our billions of intelligently structured and harmonized data points, enabling deeper and more precise real-world insights and outcomes across patients, providers and payers. These include patient and provider social determinants of health (SDOH), Risk Adjustment factors (RAF), Hierarchical Condition categories (HCC) and quality scores.
  • A variety of comprehensive reports are at your fingertips from predefined reports templates to highly customized complex, user-generated queries that speed access to insights across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

HealthNexus is a Medical Terminology Management (MTM) Platform

Access to PurpleLab’s universe of medical terminology and crosswalk concept groups allow you to systematically govern and manage medical terminology reference data across your organization.

Why are vocabularies important?

  • Vocabularies and systems of nomenclature are fundamental to gaining insights from healthcare events, encounters, exposures and episodes
  • HealthNexus seamlessly matches various vocabularies and changes automatically
  • The MTM platform can be applied to datasets across an organization ensuring consistent data classifications

Standard Claims-Based: MDC, MS-DRG, ICD9 CM, ICD10 CM, ICD9 Proc, ICD10 PCS, CPT4, HCPCS, NDC

Standard Clinical-Based: SNOMED-CT, LOINC, RxNorm, CVX

Non-Standard: lab provided test directories, omnics vocabularies, coding vocabularies, and more


The Path to Clinical Specificity — Concept Groups

PurpleLab has developed 200K+ concept groups spanning multiple domains of interest. Clients can apply concept groups to connect datasets and enhance internal analytics.

  • Diagnosis
  • Tests
  • Procedures
  • Medications


PurpleLab dimensions are composed of reference data feeds spanning Provider, Payer, Patient, and Supplier Masterfiles.

One Platform

HealthNexus leverages PurpleLab’s in-house medical terminology management proprietary technology with continuously updated vocabularies, concepts, and semantically aligned concept groups.

Subscription-Based Ad Hoc Analytics Platform

Leveraging PurpleLab’s connected claims repository, users can construct complex and highly customized queries to produce evidence-driven insights and analytics.

Targeting Reports: Provider-level reports of peer-to-peer rankings of HCPs, Groups, and HCOs by any condition, procedure, medication, or test of interest.

Patient Journey Reports: Patient-level reports with every event, encounter, exposure, and episode for any protocol of interest.

Measurement Reports: Provider-level reports of historic and recent new patient starts by any indication or medication of interest.

Referral Reports: Provider-level reports of peer-to-peer referrals within and across claims. Shows numbers of shared patients, claims, and dollars generated.

External Influence Reports: Provider-level reports showing Industry Influence (i.e., open payments) and Payer Influence (i.e., payer counts & percentages)


Cost Efficiency & Flexibility

  • HealthNexus reduces reliance on expensive, specialized resources (SQL programmers, Clinical
    Informaticists, etc.) all while enabling enterprise-wide access to code definitions on-demand.
  • Our expert approach to developing a therapeutic area of interest leverages hundreds of thousands of industry-validated definitions of diagnostics, procedures and medications. HealthNexus allows integration of our RWD data through HealthNexus API streams.

One platform. Endless Possibilities.

It’s time to see how healthcare works in the real world.