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PurpleLab™’s healthcare analytics platform, HealthNexus™, includes detailed profiles of every healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO). Gain a deep understanding of practice characteristics, including each HCP’s and HCO’s comparative measures of case mix, census of patients with social determinants of health (SDOH), diagnosis and prescription patterns, clinical performance and outcomes, payer mix, referral relationships and more.

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One-stop Shop for Every HCP's and HCO's Persona

Personas include who will succeed and who will fail under value-based care payment initiatives. Personas also include who should receive safety messages because they have higher risk adjusted, complications or mortality rates compared to their peers. Personas include which HCPs and HCOs are over-indexed with patients of color and poverty compared to their peers.

Select Optimal Investigators and Trial Sites

Qualified investigators and sites have experience in successfully conducting clinical trials. Optimal investigators and sites have experience and also have an abundance of patients with the phenotypes of interest. HealthNexus™ precisely identifies investigators and sites with those combinations.

Pre-call Sales Planning

Understand whether you can drop a sample or recruit and hire an HCP by examining each provider’s education and credentials, including primary-sourced verified state licensure, DEA registration and sanctions. Understand every provider’s social network by examining their referral relationships and affiliations.

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See how the PurpleLab™ HealthNexus™ platform can help your team not just answer questions but learn what questions to ask.

This industry is burnt on being over promised and under delivered when it comes to data so you get a lot of healthy skepticism. PurpleLab™ actually has the data.

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In a world with increased access to RWD, the biggest challenge for Life Sciences organizations lies in the ability to readily interpret the data. You need to work faster and smarter in order to make strategic decisions. PurpleLab™’s HealthNexus™ platform was designed to solve this problem across the spectrum in life sciences including clinical trials, commercial strategy, patient journeys and more.

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