Proactive Insights Across the Commercial Lifecycle

Precision medicine demands precise understanding of your patient population and the providers who treat them. You need to work faster and smarter in order to make the best strategic decisions — from market opportunity to customer engagement and improved patient outcomes. PurpleLab’s HealthNexus analytics platform is trailblazing how commercial leaders can work with real-world data that is truly clinically versed to produce actionable real-world evidence.

Find the right patients for your brand

  • HealthNexus enables searching on a variety of criteria with unprecedented clinical specificity. Easily include or exclude  diagnosis (Dx), procedures (Px), prescriptions (Rx) and other variables such as social determinants of health (SDOH), Risk Adjustment Factors (RAF), and Hierarchical Conditions Categories (HCC) to hone in on the true market potential of your brand.

  • With HealthNexus’ granularity of selection criteria, forecasting market potential becomes clearer and more accurate. Now you have the ability to identify segments and subsegments of a population to understand if there are potential opportunities for growth. The better the insights the more strategic your patient centric and provider education programs will be.

Target HCPs and HCOs

  • Measure variability of provider performance with Risk-adjusted Cost and Quality Scores (Efficiency and Effectiveness) by location or geographical area. Understand how HCPs use your brand in their treatment continuum. 

  • With an understanding of key HCP and HCO performance indicators you can improve customer centric strategies and create or adjust messages to fully engage with up-and-coming or high performing HCPs and HCOs — you’ll see them in HealthNexus as rising stars. Geo-specific insights ensure optimized territory management, resource allocation and enhanced sales force productivity.

Track physician prescribing activity


  • Effectively track physician prescribing activity, zero in on those prescribing your brand and capture an ongoing full view of the competitive landscape.

  • Discover where your competitors are gaining traction with visibility into prescriptions written for your brand and those of your competitors including brands that were dispensed, reversed or rejected 

  • Create, enhance and optimize HCP centric strategies to boost your brand’s performance and improve patient outcomes
All their data comes linked and that is HUGE. A lot of companies struggle with that but this is PurpleLab’s area of expertise.”
Chief Commercial Officer
Top 50 Pharma

One Platform. Endless possibilities to maximize brand performance.

Understand the influence of payers on your brand performance and create payer centric strategies to maximize your brand potential. PurpleLab has Qualified Entity Status with the CMS and HealthNexus is increasing important information on the payer landscape and dynamics including the payer mix of commercial and Medicare/Medicaid per HCP or HCO.