Health Economic Outcome Research (HEOR)

Maximize Evidence Value Generation

Real-world data and real-world evidence are essential to achieve HEOR objectives. A precise understanding of different real-world measurements impacting patient care and outcomes throughout the healthcare system is critical to building brand value. However, vast amounts of data require time and resources to leverage properly. From external vendors to consultants to data scientists, the burden of coordinating stakeholders puts your brand, and the patients who can benefit, at a disadvantage.

Stop Missing Clinical Information on Diverse Patient Populations

HealthNexus™ Reports, API streams or data extraction enable granular selection criteria for patient populations, so the impact of social disparities and predictability of outcomes becomes clearer and more accurate. With this level of specificity, you can improve the ability to identify specific patient segments and subsegments lacking representation in clinical trials.

HealthNexus™ enables searching on a significant variety of criteria with unprecedented clinical specificity. Easily include or exclude diagnosis (Dx), procedures (Px), prescriptions (Rx) and other variables such as social determinants of health (SDOH), Risk Adjustment Factors (RAF), Hierarchical Conditions Categories (HCC), cost and quality score assessment, and more.

Ensure Participation From the Relevant Center of Excellence (COE) in the Management of Eligible Patients

Quickly and accurately identify then select the healthcare providers (HCP) and healthcare organizations (HCO) that treat and follow the patient population of interest, so you can best ensure the appropriate patient management and protocol adherence.  With immediate access to advanced HCP and HCO data profiling, you can understand influential practice characteristics, key performance scores, patient volume, number of Dx, procedures, prescription history, external influence, locations, network affiliations, and payer mix.

Identify Blind Spots in Understanding the Patient Journey and Clinical Intervention Points

Clearly understand the timing of disease onset, disease management, procedures, treatment patterns and outcomes, how and what patients are being prescribed — all of which makes disease progression more transparent. With a deeper understanding of the patient journey, you’ll have more relevant opportunities for well-timed HCP clinical decisions and a greater ability to identify the implications on outcomes and disease management costs.

All of their data comes linked and that is HUGE. A lot of companies struggle with that but this is PurpleLab’s™ area of expertise.

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Understand the influence of payers on your brand performance and create payer centric strategies to maximize your brand potential. PurpleLab™ has Qualified Entity Status with the CMS, and HealthNexus™ is increasing important information on the payer landscape and dynamics, including the payer mix of commercial and Medicare/Medicaid per HCP or HCO.

See How HealthNexus Works

HealthNexus™ data updates on an ongoing basis – not just once a year – and can easily integrate with your own RWD data. With complete, real-time insights at your fingertips, you can make better decisions for not only your clinical trial protocol but also the healthcare industry at large. See how by requesting a demo.