Healthcare Analytics Company PurpleLab™ Launches Next-Gen Solution for Medical Claims Data Exploration

The company announced the introduction of CLEAR Claims , a solution to help generate faster insights from claims data, helping users answer business questions to drive improved patient outcomes.

Wayne, Pennsylvania. Tuesday, August 29, 2023PurpleLab™, a healthcare analytics company that holds one of the largest claims databases in the US, announced today the launch of a new product, Comprehensive Layout for Exploration, Analysis, & Research (CLEAR). With CLEAR Claims, the company seeks to enhance its claims data warehouse with valuable clinically approved and operationally relevant methodologies, facilitating analysis and reducing the amount of data engineering needed to generate insights from claims data.

One of the most costly and time-consuming tasks healthcare organizations and life sciences professionals face today is finding timely and valuable insights while mining through vast amounts of medical and prescription drug (Rx) claims data. This often leads to outsourcing these analyses to teams of data engineers and data scientists. With the launch of this new product, PurpleLab eliminates the hurdles and difficulties in preparing the data for analysis, allowing customers to realize faster insights to provide better patient outcomes.

Working in conjunction with PurpleLab’s HealthNexus, a no-code analytics platform that allows stakeholders in the life science, payer, and provider markets to access real-world data within minutes, CLEAR Claims now gives users flexible, patient-level data for exploration in a PurpleLab-hosted analytics sandbox, or via a data export into a tool of their choice. CLEAR Claims data extractions can be easily accessed within minutes instead of the weeks, the typical wait required for file delivery. Data is returned in a usable format, further accelerating speed to insights by eliminating the need to join multiple tables, use look-up tables or enhancements that facilitate analysis.

“At PurpleLab we are guided by the principle that a better and faster understanding of patient data can increase the positive outcomes on a patient’s journey,” says Mark Brosso, founder and CEO of PurpleLab, who counts over 30 years of experience in the healthcare data space. “We’re excited to be developing the tools that help healthcare providers and organizations (HCPs and HCOs) get better claims insights to make this happen. CLEAR Claims streamlines data by identifying duplicates, highlighting primary claims and their statuses, and pinpointing specific patient visits—along with other great features we’re excited to introduce.”

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PurpleLab works with life sciences, advertising, payer and provider organizations. Its healthcare analytics platform and tools provide data driven insights for varied needs, including social determinants of health (SDOH), patient treatment patterns, clinical trials, treatment accessibility, market access and patient journey.

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