PurpleLab® Introduces [Alerts]: Real-World Data for Enhanced Physician Insights

The company announced the introduction of Alerts to empower stakeholders in the healthcare industry with the most updated and easy-to-understand insights.

Wayne, Pennsylvania. Monday, June 3, 2024PurpleLab®, a healthcare analytics company that holds one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical claims databases in the US, announced the launch of Alerts today, adding a new layer of innovation to its suite of healthcare analytics solutions. 

Alerts harnesses almost real-time data to offer a weekly snapshot of physician behavior that can help improve patient outcomes. It assists life sciences organizations in identifying the right time to address physicians, determining who should receive marketing and educational materials about specific treatments, and providing insights into prescription patterns for both their medications and competitors.

Leveraging its extensive expertise and data sets covering over 300M patients in the US, PurpleLab’s Alerts offer critical engagement opportunities around key medical events. 

Alerts cater to the needs of commercial and clinical life science and healthcare companies, payers, and providers. It provides critical insights into prescriber behavior and patient outcomes, and enables them to optimize marketing strategies.

Adding Alerts to our solutions’ suite represents yet another milestone in our mission to drive value-driven innovation across the healthcare landscape. By leveraging real-time data and our high-capture capabilities, Alerts empowers our clients to make informed decisions, enhance sales force productivity, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. We are excited to introduce this solution to continue with our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare analytics."

Mark Brosso, Founder and CEO

Alerts is customizable to any HCP business as it’s designed for seamless integration with their current customer outreach workstreams. It also allows for priority alerts based on competitive intelligence and territory alignment.

Additionally, Alerts allows companies to target physicians during the early lifecycle stages of new brand, specialty products, and therapy areas with complex market dynamics. Identifying which prescribers to target before they make a treatment decision can facilitate treatment penetration from the get-go.

The global clinical data analytics solutions market size was valued at $4.7 billion in 2023 and is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2024 to 2030.

About PurpleLab

PurpleLab® is a healthcare analytics company with a mission to spur value-driven innovation across the healthcare continuum. HealthNexus™, the company’s no-code analytics platform empowers life science, payers, providers, and other healthcare stakeholders to develop real-world evidence (RWE) that novel therapeutics or clinical strategies are performing, leading to savings in lives and costs. PurpleLab®, which raised a Series B financing of $40M in July 2022, has also been certified as one of the few CMS Qualified Entities, enabling it to receive Medicare claims data under Parts A, B, and D to evaluate provider performance. For more information, visit purplelab.com. 

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