Identify direct-to-consumer (DTC) and healthcare provider (HCP) audiences to successfully plan and activate omnichannel campaigns. Reduce waste and increase ROAS by activating audiences that match your ideal buyer profile.

Privacy Compliant DTC Audiences

Consumer audiences that are clinically relevant, HIPAA compliant and based on conditions, medications or procedures Access 500+ pre-built audiences or customize your own based on your brand’s indications. Activate in near real time on your platform of choice.

Opted-In HCP Audiences

HCP Audiences that are clinically relevant, opted-in and based on real world data. Select from 600+ pre-built audiences or customize your preferred HCP audience based on diagnosis, diagnostic test, imaging test, lab test, prescription, procedure, or treatment.

Fully Customizable NPI to DTC Audiences

Customize your audience by focusing on the interaction between providers and consumers. Create privacy-safe, HIPAA-compliant, deterministic audiences based on the patient population of your preferred provider list.

Highly Targeted Payer Audiences

Deterministic audiences that are based on your target commercial or government payer’s member population. Choose from 80+ pre-built audiences or customize your own based on your preferred payer.

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