Testimonial: Top Clinical Research Organization

A large CRO has incorporated PurpleLab data directly into their workflow to support all therapeutic areas and phases of clinical trial work from RWE and pre-award through phase IV and beyond including market access and HEOR work. This strategy has been incorporated for all of their clients. 

The data and services provided by PurpleLab have helped our clients for site selection, PI information, patient counts, and for DEI, demographic, geographic, as well as site and study optimization

One of the most notable metrics is the time savings received by clients from utilizing the data in real-time as a measurable outcome for our CRO clients is the time saved by their epidemiology and medical communication teams. They have been able to reduce the time needed for publications reviews from 40-100 hours per study to less than 10 hours per study.

What are the nuances in data, and then how do we look at that objectively and then bring that all in together integrated into an ecosystem so we can do the best for out patients and deliver that effectively.

With access to the real-time inhouse claims data, our clients have been able to improve agility, minimizing enrollment delays, and validate optimal study protocols to support client needs.

"Feasibility in this day and age is half data science, half empathy .... Now we are overlaying new sets of data to be able to place sites appropriately"

"We have worked with the PurpleLab team to come together to look at data and think about alternative medicines and treatments that change the outcome."


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PurpleLab provides a real-world data [lab], accelerating the discovery and adoption of healthcare innovations.  We want to improve collaboration across the total healthcare marketing ecosystem from life science companies to agencies to advertising technology companies. Built on one of the largest medical and prescription claim data warehouse including specialty data.

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