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This blog is the fourth and final part in a series exploring how to leverage real world data to transform brand planning, launch and management created in collaboration with Fierce Pharma. 

Of course, the right partner can help life sciences companies keenly focus on doing what they do best. PurpleLab® is a health-tech company driven by one clear philosophy: outcomes matter most. We provide a real-world data [lab], accelerating the discovery and adoption of healthcare innovations.

“We hear from our life sciences partners all the time ... how can you allow us to focus on our primary role of improving the lives of our patients? That’s their domain expertise. That’s where they’re going to differentiate in the marketplace. PurpleLab is relentlessly focused on helping them achieve that goal, so that is our domain of expertise. So, while we love to showcase and leverage technology as an enabler, we also embrace what we call the DaVinci Principle, meaning that we not only have the technology (the “science”) but a deep understanding of how to apply the insights to drive results (the “art”). We are not using our technology to optimize travel schedules for an airline. That’s not what we do. But if your commercial, payer or clinical teams need to understand patient engagement opportunities accurately, affordably and quickly, we have hundreds of customers and use cases showing how we can help you succeed ... with a comprehensive view of the patient and delivering insights directly into the hand of the stakeholder responsible for driving improved health outcomes. 

Mark Brosso, Founder and CEO

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