Enhancing Claims Data for Faster Insights

Customers spend time, money, and resources trying to mine claims data to gain the insights that they need. It often takes advanced data teams to analyze the data. Without those teams in place, customers often need to outsource this work. PurpleLab™ CLEAR claims  provides in-house data usability, making it easy for your team to get insights in minutes, not hours or days.

With PurpleLab CLEAR claims, customers have access to an innovative solution that helps users to expand or enhance Real World Data (RWD) capabilities. PurpleLab proprietary methodologies to reduce the amount of data engineering needed to generate insights from claims data, facilitating  the analysis, enhancing insights accuracy and speeding the access to broader set of RWD insights. 

In addition to the CLEAR claims offering, CLEAR tables make market research, clinical population studies and clinical utilization research easy by combining our data and methodologies into simple table structures. Here the platform relies less on arrays and lookup tables, pulling relevant master file information (such as HCO / HCP identifiers) directly into a consolidated table structure for quicker analysis.

CLEAR Tables

With PurpleLab CLEAR claims, expect more than vended claims. PurpleLab adds value to all the data we aggregate, populating it into use-case driven tool sets, and makes access to the data  easy. A common use-case, CLEAR claims users quickly and successfully analyze structured patient data for underlying market assessment to inform commercial strategy. Contact us if you would like more information on how CLEAR claims can unlock the full potential of your patient claims data.  

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