HealthCare Analytics in Action: Understanding the Market for Hemophilia A

To create a market assessment, more and more brand strategists are moving towards the use of RWD and RWE. In this blog, we walk through a hypothetical example – sizing the market for Hemophilia A – doing just that. 

Creating a market assessment is a critical step in commercializing a new drug. This is because a market assessment helps you understand how to get your new drug to the right patients and physicians. Simply put, a market assessment analyzes the potential of your new drug.

To complete a market assessment, you need to analyze:

  1. The populations with the Hemophilia A.
  2. The population taking competitive drugs and the HCPs that diagnose Hemophilia A and prescribe the drug.
  3. How many people are taking medication to treat Hemophilia A.

This requires a lot of data – and without the right tool support you, a lot of effort.

That’s why more and more organizations are turning to healthcare analytics. Specifically, a healthcare analytics platform: a third-party solution that brings together data sources and arms pharma companies with clinically versed RWD that can produce actionable RWE across the entire commercial lifecycle – including the market opportunity step.

Here’s an example of how this is done.

Understanding the Market for Hemophilia A

Here, we walk through a hypothetical example of how healthcare analytics can be leveraged to understand the market for Hemophilia A. We will outline the example using PurpleLab’s HealthNexus platform.

In 2023, a new drug is scheduled to enter the market for treatment of hemophilia A, an inherited bleeding disorder.

#1. Complete patient profiling for hemophilia A

We begin with patient profiling. This involves assessing:

  • The size of the population
  • Common insurance channels
  • Demography and geographic distribution

This informs your understanding of patient challenges and can tell you what to look for in healthcare provider practice data so you can find additional potential patients.

#2. Run physician level reports

After assessing the population, you can run several physician-level reports:

  • Indexing counts of patients with the condition the drug is indicated for (in this case, hemophilia A).
  • Prescribing a market basket of competitive drugs to the new brand.
  • Determining the total counts of the specialists who will be referred to for treatment (in this case, hematologists).
  • Identifying script rejections for drugs indicated.
  • Seeing trends in referral patterns from generalists to those doctors (this is particularly useful for rare diseases). 

This process allows brand strategists like you to draw market definitions of the full sweep of providers involved in treatment and the degree of their involvement, helping you craft the right messages.

#3. Craft messages by segment

  • Providers increasing involvement with hemophilia A:

Predictive scoring allows for additional segmentation so you can identify providers who are increasing their involvement in the category and may be interested in more educational materials.

  • Established practitioners facing challenges:

You also may want to identify practice challenges of established practitioners, identifying those with script rejection and providing information on patient assistance and couponing.

  • Established practitioners prescribing competitors:

Those who are frequently treating your patient profile and prescribing high volumes of competitive medications may be better served with competitive blunting, such as information on comparative efficacy of a novel drug.


To bring a successful drug to market, a precise market assessment is key. The only way to achieve such precision is with RWD/RWE – which only the right healthcare analytics platform can provide.

Need to connect a new drug with the right physicians and patients? Tell HealthNexus powered by PurpleLab about your market and we can send you sample data and detailed reports that will streamline the process.

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